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Gifu is one of the leading producers of precious wood in Japan, and because it is located in the center of Japan, precious wood is gathered from all over the country. ITAKURA presents the various charms of a variety of precious woods collected not only from Japan but from all over the world, and also proposes one piece just for you.

Our service

At ITAKURA, we always have 6,000 pieces of 150 wood species of rare and valuable slabs in our stock, and we have a system in place that allows us to finish them using the skills of experienced craftsmen.
We also have a system that allows you to search inventory and perform price simulations on our website.

Characteristics of a rare slab

Among all the solid wood boards, the one with the most rare value is the one with “MOKU” (a complex pattern that rarely appears).This is a slab with a complicated wood grain that appears in different patterns and colors depending on the direction you look at it, and these rarely appear.
This does not appear on every slab. For this reason, the appearance and proportion of these items further increase the rarity value of the slab.

Our strong point

At Itakura, we do everything from purchasing logs, sawing, processing, and finishing at our own factory.
Itakura’s greatest strength is that it can carry out everything from slab selection to cutting, polishing, and painting in its own factory


We Yamagataya Industly, which operates ITAKURA, is a wood professional company that has been in business for 100 years.

Strong point for our staff

We have a large number of talented people who can discern the quality of wood, which is very important when purchasing precious wood. We also directly purchase logs not only from Japan but also from overseas.

The biggest market in Japan

In Japan, there is a precious wood market in Gifu that is top class in distribution volume and quality, and Mr. Yoshida, who is also the representative director of Yamagataya Industry, serves as the chairman of this market.
We purchase both log wood and products from largest market in Japan.

Export results


This is an example of a Japanese restaurant in Singapore with cedar counters and table tops.

Request the quotation

The customer send us the design drawing for the new open restaurant.

We choose the appropriate board in the stock according to the drawing.

If wood species are not decided, we will propose including the characteristics of each wood species. After the wood board to be purchased is decided, we confirm the delivery date and check the timing of payment of the product price. And we make a contract.

After that we confirm the details for processing instruction.

In that case, we describe the condition of the board carefully as much as possible, explain the parts to be processed, and after confirming each other, we will start processing. At this stage we will review each other over and over until every detail, and we will proceed while receiving a sign every time.

We will report the progress of processing.

We measure the actual dimensions and report it in detail.

Assembling procedure.

As necessary, we will shoot videos of assembly procedures and explain not to be troubled by assembly at the actual assembly site.

We explain about packing condition for the shipping.

And we attach descriptive materials to all packing to what is in what packing so as not to get annoyed at the site.

We take a picture and explain the inside of the container.

At this time, we put desiccant throughout the container to prevent moisture at sea.

Store photos after completion

This is the restaurant with wood slab counter of ITAKURA.
Itis a Teppanyakirestaurant in Japan Food Town of Isetan Orchard in Singapore.


This is an example of a horse chestnut table placed in the VIP room of a restaurant in Paris. The design consists of two 2.3 meter top plates connected together, allowing for on-site assembly.

Creating a drawing

We listen to the customer’s wishes and necessary information and create drawings.

Meetings via video conference, etc.

We conduct a video conference with the customer and decide which part of the material to use.

Assembly before export

We will actually assemble the items in the showroom and take photos and videos. We also create explanatory materials and assembly videos.


We packed in wooden box to prevent damage and shipped


After arriving at the port, please contact the local agent for import customs clearance.
The customer will check and assemble the materials if necessary.

Hong Kong

This is a case study in which a low table using “Sen” (Japanese origin wood species) was installed in a Japanese-style room in a newly built property at the request of a local design office in Hong Kong.


In addition, we have a track record of exporting to countries such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Mongolia.

How to buy

Japan who has kept worship forest and mountain as god from ancient times.
In Japan, surrounded by the sea, forest has also evolved independently,
and trees that have survived the history of thousands of years are still rooted.
Japanese premium furniture that feels sternal breath of nature, it is a gift from the forest of Japan, “ITAKURA”.

See and purchase directly

We always have a stock of 6,000 over slabs of about 150 tree species. Information on these slabs is in our web page, but you can also view and purchase them directly.
Please let us know in advance your desired tree species, size, price, desired processing, etc., as well as your schedule for coming to Japan. If you have a certain idea of the product you want, we can prepare it in advance.


Buy at the precious wood market held once a month

The precious wood market in Gifu is rated as one of the top specialty wood markets in Japan, and is the largest market in Japan for both log wood and products. They have collected over several thousand pieces of a wide variety of precious woods to ask the requests of users all over Japan.
The fair is held once a month and attracts 500 to 700 participants from all over the country. If you would like to come, please contact us in advance and our staff member will accompany you.
Exhibited products will be published on the homepage in advance, so you can check them out.
As this is an auction sale, we cannot guarantee a purchase on the day.
Unregistered businesses and individuals cannot participate in the auction, so you can participate in the auction through our company.
After the auction, we will show you the list of purchased items. Please note that cancellations are not accepted.


Decide on your purchase preference and price from the list on the precious wood market and request an auction.

Items to be exhibited at the market will be posted on the website in advance. If you select a board from that list, decide on a desired price, and send it to us, we can participate in the auction on your behalf.
As this is an auction sale, we cannot guarantee a purchase on the day. After the auction, we will show you the list of purchased items. Please note that cancellations are not accepted.

Gifu Prefecture Precious Wood Cooperative Association Contact

Search for the desired slab using the ITAKURA search system

ITAKURA maintains an abundant inventory of 6,000 pieces of 150 tree species, and has a system that allows you to search inventory and perform price simulations on our website. We are equipped with various web systems that allow customers to select boards themselves.
The inventory search system allows you to narrow down your list based on various conditions such as tree species, size, price, etc.
With our simulation system, you can choose the optimal size and price of a board from a wide variety of wood species, depending on your usage and preferences. You can create a rough estimate just by selecting 5 things: size, width, board, paint, and legs. You can also make inquiries directly from the estimate you have created.
Product photos may be from the time of arrival. We also sell in stores, so please check stock when making inquiries. Boards that are not old or have not been sufficiently dried may not be usable immediately.

About shipping

Trading division

In our company we have a trading division and export to some countries many times in past 10 years.
We can prepare some documents you need for example “Certificate of origin” and “Quarantine certificate”
After getting the full amount or the arrival notice for the L/C we can ship those purchases as soon as possible definitely.


In addition, we provide the following services as your request.

  1. We can issue a certificate of authenticity. The certificate provides an explanation of the tree species and accurately certifies the value of the slab.
  2. We have a brand logo sticker to prove that the product was processed by ITAKURA.
  3. We will prepare instruction materials for the use of the product.
  4. For items that require assembly, we will create simple assembly instructions.


How to access to our company

  • There are two ways to get to our company.
  • From Centrair to Gifu you can go directly br Meitetsu line.
  • In case you stay the hotel around the Nagoya station,JR line is faster to Gifu.

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